Helix Process Challenge Device (Stainless Steel) - Box

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Helix Process Challenge Test Device (PCD) made using stainless steel rather than conventional plastic means that the VERIFY+ Helix PCD is a more durable device. It will last up to 1000 cycles, which equates to four years of use. The Helix Process Challenge Test Device is used to ensure that your steriliser is functioning properly, as indicated by a test strip which is placed inside the helix PCD module and changes.


  • +  Helix module capsule is made with stainless steel

  • +  Includes 250 adhesive indicator strips as standard

  • +  Suitable for use with Type B small steam sterilisers

  • +  Manufactured under ISO 11140-1, EN867-1 & IRAM 37101-1 standards

  • +  Last up to four years

    Includes 250 test strips as standard Includes cotton bag for processing