We offer a specialist range of disposable dental & medical products including cleaning & disinfection, infection control & consumables and sterilisation products.

Based in the UK, VERIFY+ products have been developed by our team of dentists and dental professionals. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive range of premium quality products at competitive prices.


VERIFY+ cleaning and disinfection products are alcohol-free and use a powerful but gentle quat based formulation that is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses to EN test standards.


Developed in association with UK dentists, all of the VERIFY+ infection control and consumable products are manufactured to the highest standard. With a focus on quality and reliability you can be confident that you are dealing with the best possible products.


The VERIFY+ range of sterilisation & testing products has been developed to help you achieve and monitor sterility assurance in a clinical environment. Offering a number of advantages over other similar products in the market.


We offer wholesale pricing to distributors. Please contact us for more information.


Everything about the impression trays is designed for accuracy. They are extended really well so you get perfect impressions of the arch and soft tissues as well. I never have the impression material pulling away from the tray as the trays are really retentive. I’ll never use any other trays.
We have used different wipes over the years, but the VERIFY+ Wipes seem so much more durable. There is a perfect amount of solution on them to make sure you get really good coverage but you don’t leave surfaces too wet. After over 20 years in dental nursing, I have developed a bit of a cleanliness obsession, and these wipes give me the results I’m after and the confidence I’m doing a good job.
Being able to blow dry air out of the 3-in-1 tip consistently is something that never seemed to be possible with other tips. I don’t know what it is in the design, but these tips give me consistent dry air every time, even if I’ve just used the water