Protein Test

A protein residue test must be completed weekly to confirm that the cleaning process used within your practice retains the capability of removing protein.

The VERIFY+ Protein Test has the ability to detect residual proteins that may be left behind on the surfaces of hard to clean dental and surgical instruments.

The system has a high absorption swab that allows for the collection of samples from different surfaces.
A visual reading of a colour change indicates the presence of detectable levels of protein.

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+ No incubation required and no special equipment needed
+ Fast results in only 15 seconds
+ High sensitivity: detects as little as 1μg of protein
+ Easy to use
+ Clear colour change
+ Minimal training needed
+ Detects blood derived proteins
+ Shelf life of 2 years when refrigerated
Each box includes: 25 test vials + 25 swabs + 1 moisturiser