Dental Impression & Removable Appliance Disinfection Bath

Alcohol free dental impression spray or bath (dip) for the disinfection of impressions & removable appliances. VERIFY+ Dental Impression & Removable Appliance Disinfectant provides a safe, simple and cost-effective solution to the problem of bacterial and fungal contamination of dental impressions by inhibiting the growth of mould. A major benefit of its low hazard rating is that it won’t damage or distort the impression.

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+ Ready to use spray or bath (dip)
+ Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses to EN test standards
+ Same hazard rating as water so no need for special protective clothing
+ Class IIb CE Marked for disinfection of a medical device

+ Comes with free labels to confirm disinfection has taken place (the labels can be dated and signed).
+ Available as 1 litre spray or 5 litre bath (dip).